Agriculture Products


Grow bags with various sizes are available in shade nets,UV sheet and white and black UV stabilized LDPE sheet .The sizes available are

  • 20x20x35
  • 24x24x40
  • 30x30x45

Growing Trough

Growing trough are available in 700 micron 17cm x40cmx17cm and 20cm x100cm x20cm. The length can be custom made and is ideal for soilless cultivation and roof top shelters.

Shade Net

Monofilament & Chromati Shade nets

A wide series of colored chromatinets & monofilament shade nets are available now with special properties for utilizing solar radiation. Coloured shade nets (Black/red/white/green) in 35%, 50% are available for growers for vegetative growth, maturation and flowering.

Other than the Chromati nets and monofilament shade nets referred else where wide range of agro shade nets are available made out of 100% virgin polymer. Superior UV stabilized nets ensures longer life and gusty weather. Available in 25% _ 90%shade factors and available in width up to 6mtrs.

Vermi Beds

  • Portable and easily assembled type readymade vermi beds are available in 250 Gsm silpaulin
  • Normal sizes available are 12x4x2, 8x4x2, 6x4x2, and 10x3x2.

Cocopeat And Vermi Compost

Coco peat (Coco pith)

It is generally made available in 5 kg brick form. Generally used as medium for soil.

Vermi compost

Genuine vermi compost is available for sale in 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg packs.


Protrays are available in various sizes depending up on the hole numbers (50, 98,104,144) either in round or squares.

Mulching And Weed Mat

Weed Mat

A woven laminated fabric generally used for controlling the weed growth and for preventing soil compaction. It is generally available in 70 to 120 GSM in black colour depending upon the applications in various widths.

Mulch Films

Mulch films are multilayered sheets and its agricultural application has become very common now. These films are used to prevent Water evaporation, Soil compaction ,Pests, and Weed growth . The quantity of water used reduces considerably while applying mulch especially in open precision farming. Mulch films are available in dual tone colors’ (white & black, silver & black )either as embossed or smooth in various thickness and width.

Florry Cultural Net

These growing nets are ideal for cucumber, bitter guard, beans etc both in polyhouse and open field .Various net sizes are available like in meters (100x4, 50x 4 , 20x4 , 8x3, 4x2 , 6x2.5 ) etc.