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Looking back one can understand growth is not just a syndrome with us but it is our motto


Who we are

We are the first company in Kerala exploring the possibilities of silpaulin(tarpolin) in every day life.We introduced Two-wheeler covers, Car covers, Hospital Bed covers, Green House top, Poultry Shed top and Machine Safe Guarding covers using this cross laminated plastic film.

Founded by Mr. Paul Jose, Thaliyath 1n 1989, as a dealer of SILPAULIN PRODUCTS with 3 staffs and turnover less than Rs. 1 Lakhs, it emerge as a giant with three full fledged manufacturing centers with 52 full time employees, over 15 freelance sales agents and more than 500 strong dealer/suppliers network with a turnover of 550 Lakhs. From 1996-97 onwards we are consistently been the biggest dealers of SILPAULIN in India, far overgrowing other dealers. We have started the first exclusive showroom for Silpaulin product in India in 1999.

When POLJO entered in the Cotton Tarpaulin dominated market in Kerala, we clearly knew that only the toughest get going and we achieved the heights. With an indomitable zeal to create and deliver to the customers, a novel concept of plasticisation of this particular market emerged. The peculiar climatic conditions of Kerala with half year round heavy rains and sunny days in the other half was our fundamental inspiration, Which helped us to become a house hold name all over in Kerala.

In 1995-96, our flagship company POLJO SAFEGUARDS started functioning with sophisticated machinery and quality control system. With sincere dedication of our employees and effective management, the company has emerged as a clear winner in this field.

Our search for other application possibilities made us to go in for "Hospital Bed covers" and "Poultry shed covers", the latter being so popular that it is fast replacing Kerala's conventional roofing system. And, now we are entering into "Green House covers" for protected cultivation, with customer dictated packages and scheme.

Looking back one can understand growth is not just a syndrome with us but it is our motto. As business cannot exist in a social vacuum, we have been intent on fulfilling our social commitments by generating employment to orphanages and charitable institution by providing training in machinery operation and mixing raw materials, so that the helpless inhabitants can themselves work and earn their livelihood.


Poljo industries is an SME unit established in the year 1995 engaged in the manufacturing of Rain water harvesting and Rain Water recharging system .From 2008 onwards, we started manufacturing Green Houses .For the last seven years we are in the field of precision farming, drip irrigation system (Netafim Irrigation-Israel)and other allied activities. Our Green houses are named as SIBAGYA 777 Green Houses. We have already constructed more than 50000 sq.mtr of Hi-tech green houses in the state of Kerala alone. We have got our own full-fledged manufacturing facilities at Thurvankadu, Irinjalakuda- 680121, Kerala, with a capacity of fabricating 1000 m2 per day.

These prefabricated structures are erected at the site, without welding, by nuts, bolts, clamps and washers. These structures can be dismantled and re erected at any site without any loss,if needed. All our structures are in accordance with Israel steel structure standard 1225 and Israeli structural loads standard 414/1982and414/1992. We promise that our structures are the best possible in technical parameters, load bearing capacity and in design excellence. All the material used for the construction are the best quality available with the best design and workman ship and so our structures are the best in the industry on all parameters. We are dealing with all the items required for Hi-tech precision farming. We have got 30 expert employees for the fabrication and erection of Green houses and two Agronomists to give technical advice to the farmers.


Ensuring 100% transparency in our every step and thus protecting the wright of the customer to know about our products quality and service , assuring our every action will give equal satisfaction to the customers and thus making their investment safe and rewarding- yes, weaving the nature with utility.


Cultivating a green world by harvesting the nature to secure the future of the entire life system in an Eco friendly manner, thus compensating the loses done by mankind to the planet to our maximum. We believe serving the nature is just to godliness.