Tarpaulin (SILPAULIN)

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                “Silpaulin” Plastic tarpaulins the toughest plastic ever produced by the Siltap chemicals (P) Ltd (now The Supreme Industries Ltd)made the land mark in the conventional covering plastic material. It is been produced with the best
ever technology with Swiss  patent  as multilayered  fabric  which got excellent Mechanical and barrier properties.

  The role of our company is very note worthy for making this platic to common man’s applications. We have stepped in to the plastic tarpaulin business in 1995 and we were in the front line in India till now. We introduced the thermo welded vehicle covers, two wheeler covers, custom made tarpaulins, poultry sheds, lately to the green house sheds and the applications are in queue. Our major product range includes:-

  • Standard and custom made tarpaulin in various GSM.
  • Poultry shed coverings.
  • Fumigation sheds.
  • Vehicle covers.
  • Tarpaulin for truck and pandals.
  • As water harvesting pond liners.
  • Vermibeds (ready made)  etc.


Green House Construction
Shade Net
Pond Lining And Construction
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