High Tech Green Houses

Terrace Top Shelter (Fully and partially side covered)

  • Can built from 40 m² onwards.
  • Suitable for all types of vegetables for home needs.
  • Since it cover terrace top – controls seepage if any  in the terrace and less
  • heat in the living rooms.

UV  Sheet          -  200 micron 5 layer
Ginegar            - DLD /Drip Lock Diffused
                       -  Drip Lock clear 
                       - Sun cover 205 (Yellow)
Essen Multi Pack   - 200micron /5 layer
                           -3202 -Natural- Suncool
                           - 4203 – Natural - IR Sun cool
                           - 3204 – Sun saver -yellow

Antivirus net :- Controls green house thrips and other insects (40 mesh/50/30 meshes are generally used)

Solar Side (Skirt film) : -  Strong product with excellent resistance popularly used for covering the sides of the green houses. It can be welded, stitched or jointed by channel & spring .This available in 140- 150gsm in various widths.(1.5 + 2mtr)

Aluminum Channel /Profile :-  8mm thick with double locking space .This a plastic friendly alloy section with smooth edges.

Lock Spring :- Imported coated spring as genuine G.L.springs is available.

Self Drilling Screws :- Galvanized high quality drilling  screws with  washes are available.
Rolling Shutter Clips:-  High quality plastic clips for green house roll up contains are available  in ½ “+3/4”.
Green House Film Repairing Tapes :- High quality repairing tape both imported and Indian repairing tap are available in 25mtr+50mtr.

G.I.Clamp:- Genuine clamp used for assembling tabular structures of polyhouses are available strong easy assembling (half clamps+ round clamps  of various measurements).

Green house Air Circulation Fan  :-  Proper air circulation and mixing air circulation fans are widely used now.

Mulch Film:-  Vegetable mulches  25 -30  micron silver x black ,white x black are available .Mulch films are commonly used for.  Soil compaction, prevention ,weed control, provides excellent environment  for roots.It can reject insects and create micro climate around the plant.

Well Net
Drying Chamber
Cocopeat And Vermi Compost
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