Home Roof Top Rain Shelter And Poly Houses

1.Tropical Model (Naturally Ventilated with Tubular Structure)

  • Top ventilation  up to 1.2 mtr and  gable side ventilation  2 – 2.75mtr.
  • Can construct 100sqmtr to 4000 sqmtr in various measurements.
  • Maintains temperature as that of outside (difference of 1-2º )
  • Ventilation more than 60 % of the total area.
  • Can modify depending up on the local climatic conditions.
  • Self pollinated  seeds / vegetables preferred

2. Gable Model /Naturally Ventilated with Tubular Structure

  • Double top ventilation up to 1.2mtr
  • 2 – 2.5mtr gable side ventilation.
  • Maintain the temperature as that of outside (can reduce even up 1º- 2ºc).
  • Construction cost will be more (Rs 100-150) than that of tropical.
  • Self pollinated /vegetables preferred.

3. Manzard Model (with bay length – Tubular Structure)

  • Basically tropical model with side bay.
  • Suitable where having more wind.
  • Bay side cannot be utilized fully.
  • Self pollinated vegetables/ seeds preferred.

4. Arch Model    - (With fully covered)

  • Suitable for cold areas.

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